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With the modern world all turning to mobile applications, it is important to keep up with the technical evolution of the business world.

RED Studios is a premier iOS/Android application development operation based in Sacramento, California that creates high-quality mobile applications.


RED Studios Development Success Stories

Life-saving mobile application with administrator's web console

TPCM-USA’s exclusive app developed by RED Studios can send real-time alerts and messages to large teams. It also allows admins to share important documents as well as create emergency checklists that can be assigned to team members and monitored on the web console.

Visit their RED Studios designed website to learn more about them and their work.


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Collaborate, Record, Perform

“Manage your field workforce in real-time.  Know if they are performing work when they should and if the effort matches the expectation for the job.  Automatically generates work site time and attendance.

Use virtual presence to provide real-time feedback for remote site work activities, many-to-many access, create irrefutable records of workmanship, safety compliance, and work accountability.” – From their Apple App Store description

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